Mission- It's What We do.

At Encounter Missions International (EMI) we are on a mission to provide inclusive Churches for excluded people. A place where all are invited to explore, experience and express God's love.  

Why Excluded People?

When people are excluded from experiencing God's love because they are unwed mothers or couples, divorecee, or LGBTQ people,  how are they to discover a God who loves them?

Why Provide Churches?

A community of people (the church) is God's chosen vehicle to make his love tangible to the world.  It is through the collective gifts, tallents and experience of the people (the church) that God's love can be explored, experienced, and expressed.



Values- Are How We Live Out Our Love

At EMI, our values guide our conduct and how we implement our church planting. We are guided by three principles: Believe, Belong, and Achieve.  


We seek to communicate an understandable and relatable Gospel message so that all people can choose to believe (or not) in God's love.


Our people seek to create a relational environment so that all excluded people can feel they belong to a family of God.


Our Christian Centers seek to encourage personal, professional, and spiritual growth so that people can achieve their God-given potential.




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