Church- It's How Love Is Experienced

At EMI, we have discovered that church (a group of loving people) is God's favorite vehicle to explore, experience, and express God's love.  Church- its how love moves from person to person, city to city and nation to nation.  It's a place where hurts are healed, faults forgiven and where our emotional, aspirational, and spiritual needs can be met.

We Are Providing Churches in Taiwan, Mexico and Australia

Church Alive

Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

As the name implies, the people of Church Alive are very much alive.  In a land where 93% do not know Christ, the people of Church Alive are both giddy and grateful to have been introduced to the love of God.  As one girl put it, "The Christian Jesus is just so nice!"  

Misión Cristiana Incluyente

Mexico City, Mexico

When we opened our church in Mexico City, Diana arrived angry and lost.  Diana's kids were afraid of her until the love of God broke into her life. Now with hurts healed and faults forgiven, Diana enjoys the affection of her kids and the peace of God.

True Light Gospel Church

Taipei City, Taiwan

In a country saturated with idols and superstition, where only 7% of the population know Christ, True Light Gospel Church stands out as a guiding light to a positive future. Whether you are LGBT, divorced or a single mother, TLGC has open arms and an open heart. Come and discover your bright future.

Melbourne Inclusive Church

Melbourne, Australia.

A Church is where love is experienced.  This was true for Sarah who came looking for a church that would accept her young transgendered son. Every evangelical church rejected them until they found MIC.  At MIC they experienced love and acceptance, and a place where they can grow spiritually. 

New Church Coming Soon!

Taichung City, Taiwan

In Taiwan 7 in 10 people lack access to a church. We're on a mission to change that. Together with a team from Church Alive and True Light, we plan to provide a church for Taichung City. This will be our third church in Taiwan.  Church- It's how love moves!

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